Fire Extinguisher Safety

Our goal at Surya Fire Safety is to provide the best possible fire protection solutions for homes, businesses, and industrial buildings. We provide a variety of goods and services with an emphasis on fire extinguisher safety to protect people and property.

Concerning Surya Fire Safety

Surya Fire Safety is expertise in the fire safety sector and has made a name for itself as a reputable brand that stands for dependability and excellence. Our goal is to satisfy each client's specific demands by offering complete fire safety solutions.

Our Fire Extinguisher Safety Solutions

Fire Extinguishers:

Class A (common combustibles), Class B (flammable liquids), Class C (electrical fires), and Class K (cooking oils and fats) are among the classes of fire extinguishers that we provide. We provide wheeled units for larger areas, portable extinguishers, and specialty extinguishers for particular uses.

Fire Extinguisher Training:

For efficient fire safety, proper training in the use of fire extinguishers is essential. Surya Fire Safety offers thorough training programs that instruct both people and groups on how to put out different kinds of fires, choose the right extinguisher, use it correctly, and evacuate.

Maintenance and Inspection:

To guarantee that fire extinguishers will function in an emergency, regular maintenance and inspection are necessary. To maintain your extinguishers in top working order and to comply with safety regulations, our staff performs routine pressure checks, refills, and inspections.

Fire Safety Consultation:

Surya Fire Safety provides professional consultation services to evaluate the fire safety requirements of your establishment. We carry out in-depth risk assessments, suggest where to put fire extinguishers and create specialized fire safety plans based on the design and number of occupants in your building.

Why Choose Surya Fire Safety for Fire Extinguisher Safety?

Quality Products:

We provide certified fire extinguishers that meet industry standards for reliability and effectiveness.


Our team comprises trained professionals with extensive knowledge of fire safety regulations and best practices.

Comprehensive Solutions:

From product supply to training and maintenance, we offer end-to-end fire extinguisher safety solutions.

Customer Satisfaction:

Surya Fire Safety prioritizes customer satisfaction by delivering timely services, reliable support, and proactive fire safety solutions.

Get in touch with us

Surya Fire Safety guarantees fire extinguisher safety in Pune & PCMC. Please contact us with any questions or to arrange for training, maintenance services, fire safety assessments, or other needs. Allow us to work together to improve fire safety and safeguard people's lives and property.

For all of your fire extinguisher safety needs, rely on Surya Fire Safety, and feel secure in the knowledge that you are equipped to handle any fire situation.